16.000 kilometers in 11 days with Sandero Stepway

The Lithuanian journalist Vitoldas Milius managed to cover a route of 16.000 km in just 11 days and 16 hours at the wheel of a Dacia Sandero Stepway. The adventure of the Lithuanian began in the Portuguese town of Cabo da Roca and ended in Vladivostok, a city located in south-east of the Russian Federation.

Milius Vitoldas succeeded to drive more that 1000 km per day, in difficult weather conditions and on roads that test the qualities of the Romanian model. The Lithuanian journalist chose a Dacia Sandero Stepway with an 1.6 liters MPI engine and 90 HP. The car has not been modified for this trip, except for replacing the tires before crossing Siberia. In these 11 days and 16 hours, Vitoldas Milius crossed eight countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and the Russian Federation.

"This trip was very interesting but I still need time to realize my success. A part of the trip took place across Europe, which can hardly impress me, but crossing Russia is a unique thing. Now I find it nothing scary about Russia. I heard a lot of stories from other people and, more or less, I knew what to expect" said Vitoldas Milius about his adventure. 

Sandero Stepway Russia

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