4 stars for the new generation of Sandero at the EuroNCAP tests

The new generation of Dacia Sandero has managed to get 4 stars at the EuroNCAP test, the best result ever achieved by a Dacia car. The result is due to the presence of the ESP and the side airbags as standard equipment.

The latest safety tests organized by the EuroNCAP have brought good results for the new generation of Dacia Sandero, with an overall of 4 out of 5 stars. This is the best result in the EuroNCAP tests of the Romanian car manufacturer, and will be transferred to the new generations of Logan and Logan MCV because they are build on the same structure.


The four stars achieved by Dacia Sandero in the EuroNCAP tests got good reviews in the information published by the European Organization, much better than those published about Dacia Lodgy, in November last year. Even if Sandero didn’t managed to collect the maximum five-star, the result is very important because it represents an improve of the behavior of the car in an accident, especially if we consider that EuroNCAP has tightened the test criteria from 2008, when the previous generation of Sandero achieved 3 stars.

EuroNCAP notes that the interior hasn’t suffered structural changes on the frontal impact and the protection offered was good at the knees and femurs of the driver and the front passenger. The rear impact, which measures the level of safety provided by the seats and the head restraints to the cervical level, the Sandero managed a mediocre result. Overall, Dacia Sandero has gathered 80% of the maximum possible points for this test.


The new Sandero got the best safety results in the Child protection chapter. According to the independent European organization, Sandero collected maximum points for protection of the seated children between 18 months and 3 years.


The designers of the new Sandero worked closely with the engineers to develop a car that takes care of pedestrians. Dacia Sandero obtained maximum points for the protection offered by the front bumper to the feet of the pedestrians in an eventual accident. The appearance of the ESP in the standard equipment of the new Sandero made ??the difference between the previous result of 3 stars and the actual 4-star result in the EuroNCAP test.

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