60 Sandero sold per day

Sandero was sold, from the beginning of June when it was official launched, in 1900 units, that is approximately 60 cars per day (one at 24 minutes), noted Constantin Stroe, the vice-president of  Dacia.

Sales were recorded in Romania and the two regional markets of Turkey and Bulgaria.

"The demand for Sandero is quite good. We have received orders for 7,000 units and we already delivered over 1,900 cars "commented Cobstantin Stroe, quoted by Business Standard.

Dacia sold in June 8412 cars, approximately 83% of them being Logan. From the beginning of the year, the Romanian car manufacturer delivered 40.461 cars. The most important foreign markets are France (21.363 units), Germany (10.672 units), Algeria (6.876 units), Ukraine (6.275 units) and Turkey (4.518 units).

"We have sold so far 89.000 cars for export and for the whole year we estimate that we will sell on foreign markets 170.000-180.000 cars", said Constantin Stroe.

For next year, Dacia and will launch a Sandero version with the steering wheel on the right for the British market. The profit margin of Sandero is 6%, according to French auto industry officials.


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