Dacia has produced 3.5 million cars

Dacia announced that has manufactured 3.5 million cars since the beginning of the activity in the Mioveni factory in Pitesti.

The car that left the production line with the anniversary number displayed on the hood   is a Dacia Sandero Stepway, with 1.6 liters engine, designed for the German market.

In 41 years since the production in 1968 of the first car under the Dacia brand, at the Mioveni factory were assembled 7 types of Dacia models. Dacia has reached 1 million produced cars in 1985 and 2 million produced cars in 1998.

With the entry of Dacia in the Renault Group, and as a result of significant investments were made, the production capacity of Mioveni platform has continuously increased, so the 3 million produced car left the factory in October 2007.

 Sandero Stepway red

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