Dacia – second place on the customer satisfaction top

In 2009 Dacia managed to get the second place in the Car 360 TNS Sofres study, which measures the customers attachment to the car brands and in 2010 the Romanian car manufacturer got the same place in the study realized by the largest sociology company in France.  According to the 2010 edition of the 360 Car survey Dacia remains on the second place, the only manufacturer that customers were more attached to in France is Audi.

Dacia has managed to get one of the top positions on the TNS Sofres study that researchers say are most marked when it comes to customer satisfaction after purchase. In this is top six brands (Audi, Dacia, Mercedes, Honda, BMW and Skoda) the customer satisfaction index is over 90 (from 100). Dacia even managed to increase the index value compared with the previous year, increasing it from 96-98.

"The success of Audi and Dacia brands is based on their genes. For example, if Audi was on the first position in "product quality",  Dacia was first in the  "user costs". The success of Dacia is based on the clarity and the visibility their offers on the market. For   the people that own a Dacia model, their car has personality and character. The generalist brands don’t have this kind of respect" said one of the Sofres editor.

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