Dacia prepares new Sandero versions

sandero black

Jacques Daniel the marketing director of Dacia said that the Romanian car manufacturer is working on new engines with lower emissions and that in a few months will launch two new versions of Sandero with 1.2 liters and 1.5 liters engine.

Dacia sales on the Romanian market were reduced by almost 55% in December 2008 compared to the same month ast year, to 3.600 units. Dacia sold last year, 84.707 vehicles, down by 16.7% from 2007.

Dacia has done much better on the export. According to the company data, two thirds of vehicles sold in 2008 under the Dacia brand were registered outside Romania.

Dacia exports increased by 34.6%, at 172.886 units. Western Europe was the main destination of exports, with over 60% of all deliveries to the foreign markets. The first position is held by France, with 43.682 Dacia cars sold in 2008, of which 9.419 Sandero. Germany is the second country, with 25.506 cars, of which 6.340 Sandero. The following countrys are Ukraine, with 13.755 cars, Algeria, with 12.200 cars, Turkey with 9.578 cars, Italy with 8.623 cars and Spain, with 6.974 cars sold in 2008.

In Morocco, where Logan is produced in Somaca factory in Casablanca were sold 14.996 cars last year.

The best-selling model on the Romanian market was Logan Sedan with the 51.149 units.
According to the company ranked second in sales the Logan MCV model, with 15.175 cars, followed by Sandero, with 8.816 units.

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