Dacia produced the Sandero number 50.000

The Sandero with number 50.000 was produced yesterday at the production line in the Dacia factory from Mioveni. The 50.000 Sandero is a laureate version with an 1.6 liters engine.

From the launch in March until the end of October, Dacia has delivered 7.500 Sandero in Romania. Sandero has been selling well and outside Romania, France is in first place in sales, with 4903 units, Germany is second, with 4710 units, and Spain is third, with 1563 units.

Besides the factory in Romania, Sandero is produced under the Renault brand in Brazil and Colombia. In 2009, the manufacturing of Sandero will start in Morocco, under the Dacia brand, and in Russia and South Africa under the Renault brand.

The starting price of Sandero in Romania is 6890 euro, with all taxes included. Dacia Sandero has ABS series for all equipment models and enjoys a warranty of three years or 100.000 km.

Currently customers can choose between two gas engines: an 1.4 liters with 75 HP and 1.6 liters with 90 HP. The diesel engine will be available at the beginning of next year.


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