Dacia QUT 1 Concept

A young Slovakian designer envisioned a Dacia model for the agglomerated traffic in the big cities. It came Dacia QUT 1 Concept, city model idea more than interesting.

Even if Dacia officials have repeatedly said that they did not plan to release a low cost city car – at least in the near future, the European designers could not remain insensitive to the potential of the brand. This is the story briefly of the concept Dacia QUT 1, which was designed by the Slovak Jan Bujnak thinking at the agglomerations in the European cities.

The Dacia QUT 1 concept is included in the small class line and was designed in the Renault’s design studio in Bucharest.

“The idea behind the car is simple. I was very influenced by the city of Bucharest during the period when I stayed there. I have never seen so many cars on the street: they were parked everywhere and went chaotically through the city. I was afraid to cross the street because it was very dangerous. The cars were just like wild creatures. Under the circumstances, we decided to build a city car very friendly”said Jan. The concept name QUT 1 means the “Cute one”.

The body of the car in covered in the bottom side with a layer of soft polymer that are returning to its original state by heating when the car is scratched. “If the scratch is deep, the car owner simply replaces the material. In addition, these polymers can be customized by adding them interesting ornaments and stickers,” says Jan.

Another relevant practical solution is the space for luggage. “Usually we use only the bottom of the trunk. I decided to give up the telescope and turn the upper part of trunk in an area with shelves for storage of small objects”says Jan Bujnak.

Source: www.automarket.ro

Dacia QUT 1

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