Dacia sales grew 16% in august

Of all the 3 brands marketed by the Renault, Dacia was the only one who has registered a positive development. Renault has reported in August a decrease of 8.5% of sales, compared to the same month last year, while Renault Samsung Motors has reduced the sales by 5.5% in the same period.

In Europe, Dacia sales in August recorded an increase of 18.1%. Dacia is selling 3 models: the Logan sedan, Logan MCV and Sandero.

On the South American market, Logan and Sandero have consolidated their position, both models with sales in Argentina and Brazil over 58.000 units in January-August period.
In Romania, although the market has registered a negative trend of -8.1%, the Renault Group has maintained a market share of 30.8%. The Renault Group sales fell by 7.8% on the Romanian market.

Given the recorded sales, Romania is a 7 market of auto manufacturer Renault, with a volume of units sold which totaled 78.038 units from January to August.

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