Dacia Sandero Cabrio

The Romanian car manufacturer, Dacia, has amazed the automotive world in the last period by launching successive models at an unbeatable price like Logan, Sandero and most recently Duster; therefore, there are more and more specialists who try to identify the next steps of Dacia. The designers of the French auto portal Caradisiac, using a special software, have imagined a potential convertible version of Dacia Sandero, called Dacia Sandero Cabrio.


"Nothing seems to stop Dacia on their way to the expanding their range. Therefore, why not imagine that, someday, Dacia could produce a convertible based on Sandero?" said the specialists from Caradisiac.

For now, the French hypothesis seems unattainable but who thought a few years ago that Dacia will enter the SUV market and in 2010 it launched Dacia Duster, the cheapest model in the class.

Dacia Sandero Cabrio will have competitors like Citroen C3 Pluriel, Renault Wind or Opel Tigra, with prices from 15.000 to 18.000 euros. Therefore, if you apply the success recipe of Dacia,the Sandero Cabrio will have a price of 11.000 euros according to the  Caradisiac editors.

Cabriolet based on Sandero

– Two doors, for places

– Petrol engine: 1.2 liters with 75 HP and 1.6 liters MPi with 90 HP

– Diesel engines : 1.5 liters dCi with 70 HP and 1.5 liters dCi with 85 HP

– Length x width x height (en meters) : 4,29 x 1,74 x 1,50

– Launch date: 2014

– Manufactured in Romania

– Price : starting 11.000 euros

Source: Caradisiac

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