Dacia Sandero – car of the year in Romania

Dacia Sandero won the title of the Car of the Year in Romania, outrunning in the final Opel Insignia (place 2) and Citroen C5 (place 3).

Dacia Sandero is now the officially Car of the Year in Romania. The Romanian model has won detached from famous models among which were Opel Insignia, freshly elected Car of the Year in Europe.

The difference between first place, Dacia Sandero, and the second place, Opel Insignia, was enormous, 41 points. Last position on the podium was occupied by the Citroen C5, while the following positions were Mazda 6 and Honda Accord. The jury was composed of 20 of the most important journalists in Romania. 
Here are the final standings:
1. Dacia Sandero – 203 points
2. Opel Insignia – 162 points
3. Citroen C5 – 136 points
4. Mazda 6 – 128 points
5. Honda Accord – 124 points
6. VW Golf 6 – 114 points
7. Ford Kuga – 77 points
8. Skoda Superb – 70 points
9. Renault Kolei – 64 points
10. Hyuandai I10 – 56 points


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