Dacia Sandero outclasses Ford Ka in an Autoexpress test

The Dacia Sandero was compared to Ford Ka in a test made by the British journalists from Autoexpres. The result was significantly in favor of the Romanian model, despite the criticism about the low-quality materials and basic equipment.

Comparative tests are very popular in the automotive press and comparisons between different classes models are appreciated by the customers who want to choose a car within a price range.  Ford Ka is a popular model in the UK, often being preferred because it is a brand with tradition but also for its urban car qualities, like agility and low operating costs. Being the cheapest model on the market, the Dacia Sandero is an alternative for those who would be tempted to buy a Ford Ka.

For this test, the British journalists used a Sandero with Ambiance equipment and 0.9 TCe engine that has a price of £7,795 in the UK and a Ford Ka+ with Zetec equipment and a 1.25 liter engine with a price of £10,545. The first differences occur in the dynamics, where although Sandero has a smaller engine, and is heavier, has an acceleration from 0-100 km / h of 10.6 seconds, compared to 12.1 seconds for Ford Ka. The maximum speed is also a plus for Sandero that has 175 km/h compared to 169 for Ford Ka. At the same time, the Sandero has a lower consumption: 5.5 liters vs. 5.7 liter and 109 g / m vs. 114 g / km of CO2 emissions, which leads to higher operating costs for Ford, both in taxes and in fuel.

The Dacia Sandero strengths are the space, the engine and the features. The new headlights, the 3D effect taillights and the four-spoke wheel were also appreciated. The Sandero was 4.1 seconds faster than the Ford Ka in the 80 to 112 km/h acceleration in fifth gear. Another plus was the suspension, which absorbs the bumps easily while the 320 liter trunk is considered generous. The minuses found by the British journalists are the lack of safety features, low-quality materials and the dynamics of the car.

The verdict of Autoexpress is clear: the winner is Sandero. If you are looking for a practical and comfortable car with a good engine and decent equipment, the Sandero is unbeatable especially if you take into consideration its price.

Source: Autoexpress


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