Dacia Sandero – second place in sales in France

Dacia Sandero is the second model as number of units sold in France in March, at only 163 units of the winner, Peugeot 207 (Dacia sold 14.468 Sandero units and Peugeot sold 14.661 units of 207). Moreover, if we consider only the sales to the individuals, Dacia Sandero  takes the first place in sales: 14.236 units sold (98% of total registrations) versus 10.437 units a Peugeot 207 (71% of total registrations).

The top sales in March in France is completed by Renault Clio (3rd place with 12.814 units sold), Renault Twingo (4th place with 11.153 units sold) and Citroen C3 who benefited the launch of the new generation (5th place with 8.716 units sold).

   Dacia Sandero front door

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