Renault announces the launch of the Sandero RS in South America

The Sandero RS version was officially confirmed by the Renault sport division. For now, the new sportive model will be sold only in South America under the Renault logo.


Sandero RS, the long awaited sportive version of the model sold under the Dacia and Renault logo, has been confirmed for production by the Renault officials. Unfortunately for the European fans, the RS version of Sandero will be sold, at least in the beginning, just under the Renault logo and only in Latin America. The RS version of Sandero will be manufactured in Brazil, and will be sold only in the local markets, along with the GT Line version, another model that is not available in Europe.

The Renault sport technologies division has designed this version of the Sandero model especially for the South American markets. The Renault officials did not specified the engines that will power the new model, but the first teaser published on the Renault YouTube channel suggests that will be a supercharged engine. The Renault engineers have modified the chassis, the exterior designed and the braking system. The Sandero RS is the first model manufactured and sold by Renault in Latin America.

The Renault representatives have promised to publish new information about the new RS version in the coming days. Unfortunately, as with many concepts and special versions for Latin American markets, it is possible that the RS variant of Sandero will not be available in Europe. The separation of the European and Latin American markets for both Renault and Dacia, with different strategies of these divisions for the RS version of Sandero could be the reason why the Dacia and Renault representatives have denied the possibility of launching a sportive version of Sandero under the Dacia brand in Europe.

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