Renault Sandero RS official information

Renault has presented, in Buenos Aires, the most powerful Sandero in history. The new Sandero RS has a 2.0 liter engine with 145 HP, a six-speed gearbox and modified brakes and suspensions. The European fans will not be able to buy this model because it is exclusively developed for the South American market.


Renault launched at the Buenos Aires Motor show two models derived from Dacia models: the Duster Oroch pickup and the sportive Sandero RS. With an engine of 2.0 liter and 145 HP, the new Sandero RS becomes the most powerful model manufactured on the Dacia platform. Beside the engine, the Sandero RS also received some aesthetic and technical changes, through which Renault Sport Division hopes to offer a sportive approach to the South American customers.


Thus, the Sandero RS has 145 HP, a six-speed gearbox with manual transmission, an ESP system with sport settings, stiff suspensions, modified steering and four disk brakes modified to meet the dynamic requirements. The are no information available about the 0 to 100 km/h or the maximum speed attainable by the new Sandero RS.


At the aesthetic level, Sandero RS receives a new front spoiler that incorporates daytime LED lights and in the rear the double exhaust pipes that defines the design of the sports versions. Also, the interested customers will be able to choose from a collection of bodywork stickers. The wheels are 17 inch black and are matching perfectly with the exterior design. The interior has also received some changes, with the board being modified to meet the expectation of a sportive model.


In the official press release accompanying the images of the most powerful Sandero, the Renault officials say that the RS is the first model built by Renault Sport outside Europe and is "designed and developed exclusively for Latin America". The launch of the Renault Sandero RS will take place in Argentina in early 2016 and the chance to buy this model is Europe are very low.

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