Renault Sand’Up concept

Renault presented in the opening of the Auto Motor Show in Sao Paolo the Sandero Sand’Up concept, a prototype that may become a future vehicle based on the Sandero Stepway platform.

The new Sandero concept looks very good, and has a lot of differences from the series model: “We created a versatile model without rival in Brazil, which is based on intelligent solutions and a very cheerful design.” said Vincent Pedretti, the head of the team of designers of Renault in Latin America.

The Sand’UP can get four people on board in a 2+2 configuration, with smaller space in the back seats. The prototype, designed exclusively for the presentation in the Brazilian market, has two models: coupe and convertible pick-up.

The Sand’UP concept is powered by an 1.6 liters Hi-Flex engine on gas or biofuels, has transparent doors that are opened by an electro-hydraulic system and exterior mirrors with cameras that allow you to see the environment through an LCD on the central console. 


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