Renault started the Sandero production in Russia

Renault started the production of the first Sandero cars assembled at the Avtoframos factory in Moscow, where the French car manufacturer is producing the Logan range for the Russian market.

In the moment, Renault is producing a pre-set range that is meant to familiarize the workers with technical requirements of the new model, the production of the Sandero will start in Moscow in February, with the first customer deliveries to be made in the spring next year.

The Avtoframos factory in Russia has received an investment of over 100 million euros for the increased production flow, which means 160.000 cars per year for the Russian market.

The Sandero range that Renault will sell in Russia has no diesel engine, the only versions available at launch are powered by an 1.4 liters engine with 75 horsepower and an 1.6-liter engine with 102 horsepower, both coupled to a five-speed transmission.


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