Sandero facelift official photos

After a series of unofficial pictures published in the South American press, the Brazilians publish the first official information and images of the new Sandero facelift. The small class car, sold in the Latin American market under the Renault brand enjoys a new face and a heavily revised interior.

Sandero facelift-interior

The frontal look was radically changed by replacing the bumper, through the discreet retouching of the headlights and the replacement of the grille.
Although the design adopts the Renault philosophy, the Romanian model, the Dacia Sandero will take the changes and will apply only its logo. In the rear, the changes are small, the designers resuming only at the lights and the name centered on the trunk door, like the Duster.

The major changes are on the interior, where the manufacturer seems to have taken into account the suggestions of customers. Although the general lines of the center console are the same, in the center we have a different control panel with restored functions, with better materials and a glossy plastic, similar to the one installed on the Duster.

The most important change, will undoubtedly change of the electric windows controls, who leave the central area of ??the board and move on the door. The Sandero facelift also receives a relocation of functions from the central area of the dashboard, where everything seems more animated. Moreover, the Renault engineers say that they came up with a better Antiphonary compartment. Also in the improvement section is the interior lid opening for the tank.

Sandero facelift 2011

The Sandero Stepway was also the subject to the review operation: a grid that didn’t received body paint with plastic strips on the sills , a little more pronounced front spoiler, lamp units on black background, different trim and different logo that will identify the models. Both models Sandero and Sandero Stepway will receive new wheels, sized 15 and 16 inches.

From the mechanical point of view, Sandero comes with no changes. The same petrol and diesel units will power the facelift models.

Sandero Stepway facelift

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