Sandero Stepway Concept – the feminine side of Renault

Who remembers the crazy Sandero Sand’up concept, presented two years ago at the Sao Paolo Motor Show? Perhaps many have forgotten the recreational vehicle, created by the Renault design center from Brazil for the public around the world.

The success of the Sand’up concept determined the Brazilian designers to create a new innovative concept, awaited to be presented at the same South American Motor Show. Until the debut,the designers began to arouse the public curiosity with a series of images, which betray the appearance of the future concept based on the Sandero.

Sandero Stepway Concept

It seems that this time the concept will be based on a version with a slightly higher ground clearance of the Romanian-French model, Sandero Stepway, which means that we could see a strange model. The rumors say that the new concept will illustrate many design elements that will be found on the facelift version of Sandero.

According to the statements issued by the the Renault officials from Brazil, the Sandero Stepway Concept will be a design study and will be addressed primarily to the women. Therefore, the designers say that the prototype will explore alternative customization of colors, textures and other decorations.



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