Surprising advertising campaign for Dacia Sandero in the UK

Dacia promotes new Sandero in the UK with a letter to the Ministry of Finance of the United Kingdom. The Romanian car manufacturer advises the British official to abandon the current car for a  much cheaper Sandero.


Ever since the launch on the UK market, Dacia adopted an aggressive and jovial marketing campaign. The British officials of the Romanian brand have thought that such an approach is best suited to popularize the Dacia budget models.

The latest Sandero advertising of the UK marketing division reaffirms this strategy. To promote the new Sandero in the UK, the Dacia officials wrote a letter to George Osborne, the man in charge of the Ministry of Finance in the UK. The Romanian manufacturer suggests to the English official to change the current car with a new Sandero, which costs much less.

The letter argues that the Romanian model is the perfect choice for the English minister, in the context of an unstable economic climate. The advantages of the new Sandero are: "is solid, simple, and with frivolous equipment".
Using a jovial tone (the letter begins with "Dear George"), has made the letter very popular, and already published by most British publications, which means additional promotion.

Edward Preston, the head of the Dacia marketing division in UK, said that behind the relaxed tone, the letter has a serious financial message, to reduce costs.

The Dacia letter, promoted on Twitter with the hashtag # DearGeorge was published on the day the British finance minister presented the 2014 budget.


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